Analyzing the Mood of a Setting

One thing I enjoy about visiting new places is analyzing the mood of a setting. Of course, the mood I bring to a location will affect how I perceive it, but I also try to examine the “vibe” a place gives off, independent of how I’m feeling at the time. For example, I visited a… Continue Reading →

The Mystery Structure Is …

And now I’ll reveal what the mystery structure is from last week … a furnace used for separating iron from the rock it was found in. My kids and I are pictured beside Hope Furnace, found at a trailhead in Lake Hope State Park. A poster on IG knew what these were. Can you imagine… Continue Reading →

Delving into Memories and Imagination

Bettie Boswell is back to discuss settings with us, delving into memories and imagination. Not only does she have an author’s understanding of setting, but she brings another perspective to it because she’s also an illustrator of children’s books. Her first picture book launches May 1. Check out the details below! Thank you for this… Continue Reading →

Get Inspiration from Walking a Setting

I’m reposting this post on how to get inspiration from walking a setting because I’m within smelling distance of the end of my latest WIP novel, working title A Storm in Summer. I hope you enjoy this repost and are inspired to tie on your walking shoes and visit settings you want to include your… Continue Reading →

Writing Stories about Valentine’s Day

Full disclosure: I don’t read romance. So it may seem strange for me to offer advice on writing stories about Valentine’s Day. But if you think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday that honors all kinds of loving relationships, then the day offers much more inspiration for stories. I discovered this when I wrote my… Continue Reading →

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