Plotting Elegantly

My husband, a nuclear engineer, once mentioned to me that mathematicians try to create elegant formulas. A longer, clunkier one might get the job done, but a simpler, elegant formula is the goal. I realized that should be the goal of writers too–plotting elegantly. The Bourne Identity The best way I know to explain plotting… Continue Reading →

Six Tips for Plotting Elegantly

Last week, I gave some examples from movies and books of what I considered plotting elegantly. This week, I list six tips for plotting elegantly–three for how to recognize when you’re not plotting elegantly and three for how to fix the problems. Three Clues to When You Aren’t Plotting Elegantly Too Much Explanation. If I… Continue Reading →

Writing Tip — How to Structure Your Plot

As we investigate how to plot this month, here’s link to a wonderful post¬†“What Kinds of Plot Types Exist Besides the Three-Act Structure?” on Jill Williamson’s site, Go Teen Writers.¬†This post is chock full of links that lead you to explanations of other plot structure. The one I find the most intriguing is #9 “List… Continue Reading →

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