How to Weave Themes into Christian Fiction

YA Christian author M. Liz Boyle is back to describe how to weave themes in Christian fiction. This is a critical skill for writers of Christian fiction. If we’re too subtle, readers don’t notice the theme. If we’re heavy-handed, it reads like a sermon with a few fictional characters. So glad to have Liz share… Continue Reading →

Second Key to Publishing

Last week, I wrote about what I see as the first key to publishing, researching the industry. This week, I’m discussing the second key to publishing, networking. I don’t really like the tern “networking”. Although it refers to professional relationships, it still sounds cold and a bit predatory. So when networking, not only should we… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Fiction

Today I’m visiting author M. Liz Boyle’s blog with my guest post, “The Importance of Fiction.” This wasn’t an easy post to write, which may sound weird since I write fiction. But sometimes when you do something long enough, you forget why you’re doing it. So, thank you, Liz, for giving me a topic that… Continue Reading →

Make Your Stories Come Alive

So happy to have author M. Liz Boyle back here at JPC Allen Writes. Today she’s giving advice on how to make your stories come alive. Hi, and thanks to JPC Allen for the opportunity to discuss Writing with the Senses! What words come to mind when you read this paragraph from Firehorse by Diane Lee Wilson?:… Continue Reading →

Characters You Meet Along the Way

YA author M. Liz Boyle is back with “Characters You Meet Along the Way” as we dive into the fascinating process of creating characters for our stories. You can read her other guest blogs here. Thanks for coming back, Liz! “It’s not where you go. It’s who you meet along the way.” Dorothy is credited… Continue Reading →

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