What’s the Relationship?

Here’s a prompt to exercise the fantasy side of your imagination. What’s the relationship between these three characters? Londra handed the fey flame to Kiel. “No one saw me.” She glanced back over her shoulder. The fires of our enemy’s village shone faintly through the thick trunks of the ancient forest. I flapped my wings,… Continue Reading →

Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts

Since I’ve been writing about mythology, I thought a fantasy prompt would be appropriate. I like this picture because it looks to me like a modern expedition has stumbled onto one of the Titans. Maybe he is Prometheus’s brother, punished by the gods for some crime. The juxtaposition of modern and ancient has so much… Continue Reading →

Dive into this Fantasy Setting

I am having trouble with this post, so I’m reposting it. This is a prompt for a fantasy setting. Our descriptions are only limited by our imaginations. But we still have to use our five senses to perceive the setting and then relay those perceptions to the reader. What are the lines swirling around the… Continue Reading →

What’s the Story?

June’s theme is speculative fiction. I’ve read that the Christian fiction industry uses the phrase speculative fiction while the general market uses science fiction and fantasy. Whatever you call this genre, all the Monday Sparks will feature speculative fiction prompts that will allow your imagination to run wild. What’s the story? Here’s mine: I shifted… Continue Reading →

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