Fantasy Prompt for YA fiction

As a fantasy prompt for YA fiction, this photo provides a choice for the point of view (POV) character. The dragon could be a teen dragon, testing a new friendship with a human. Or the girl could defy what the elders have taught her and tames a dragon that’s supposed to be too wild to… Continue Reading →

Fantasy Prompt for a Short Story

I’m wrapping up this month’s theme with a fantasy prompt for a short story. I chose this image because of the blend of fantasy and real-world elements. What?–An old trumpet found in Great-grandfather’s chest Who?–A high school girl who needs an instrument for marching band Where?–Not sure. Girl starts out in her bedroom, practicing. When?—At… Continue Reading →

Thumbnail Sketch for a Mythical Character

A thumbnail sketch for a mythical character presents so many possibilities. Is it a sentient being from a civilization? Or an animal? Does it live in our world or a fantasy world? If the character is an animal, my sketch is: Loyal, protective guardian If the character is an intelligent being, my sketch is: No-nonsense,… Continue Reading →

What’s the Relationship?

Here’s a prompt to exercise the fantasy side of your imagination. What’s the relationship between these three characters? Londra handed the fey flame to Kiel. “No one saw me.” She glanced back over her shoulder. The fires of our enemy’s village shone faintly through the thick trunks of the ancient forest. I flapped my wings,… Continue Reading →

Dive into this Fantasy Setting

I am having trouble with this post, so I’m reposting it. This is a prompt for a fantasy setting. Our descriptions are only limited by our imaginations. But we still have to use our five senses to perceive the setting and then relay those perceptions to the reader. What are the lines swirling around the… Continue Reading →

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