Naming Game for Characters

Finding the right name for characters is critical to me. Something about their faces or personalties suggests suitable names. So for the last prompt for this month’s theme of characters, I offer a naming game for characters. Look at the photos and the brief, character descriptions. Then tell me how you would name these characters…. Continue Reading →

When to Eliminate a Character

I wrote this blog four years ago and I’m reprinting it because I now have an epilogue to it. I also think it’s important for a writer to know when to eliminate a character. The YA crime novel I refer to has never been published. Shortly after I knew “A Rose from the Ashes” was… Continue Reading →

Create Characters for this Setting

Creating characters is the theme for JPC Allen Writes this month. As a character writer, I have to have a good grasp on my main characters before starting a story. But what about starting a story with a setting and see what characters it suggests? So that’s the prompt I have today: create characters for… Continue Reading →

Inspiration for Creating Characters

I’m a character writer. I can’t start a story until I have a good grasp of most of my major characters. I usually start with a face that catches my attention for some reason, but there are so many other ways for finding characters. If you need inspiration for creating characters, try the suggestions below…. Continue Reading →

Need a New Character for NaNoWriMo?

As you pass the half way mark in NaNoWriMO, National Novel Writing Month, you may find some of your characters aren’t behaving as you planned. I usually start to build a character because I find a face that intrigues me. If you need a new character for NaNoWriMo, study the photos below. If you find… Continue Reading →

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