Valentine’s Day Prompt

So sorry this is late. I thought I’d scheduled it for yesterday morning, and it was still in draft. I still wanted to do a Valentine’s Day prompt. The body language of the couple in this photo can inspire several different scenes. Do you think the couple is having a romantic moment? Or are they… Continue Reading →

Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts

Here is my acrostic poem or the holiday on Wednesday:   Cute little guy flying Up and down and all around Piercing hearts with his arrows In an effort to bring mortals love. Or is it to Drive them crazy?   If you write a Valentine acrostic, please share in the comments below.

Romantic Story Prompt

Happy Valentine’s Day! Perfect day for a romantic story prompt. As a history major, this photo intrigued me. Old pictures can speak to hidden histories. Here’s my inspiration: Blowing my bangs out of my eyes, I slumped back against Great-Grandma’s ancient couch. “Let’s split the boxes between us, get them out of the house, and… Continue Reading →

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