Writing Tip — Guest Blogger, Michelle L. Levigne

Michelle L. Levigne has returned to talk about her steampunk story in Christmas fiction off the beaten path. Welcome back, Michelle! What inspired you to write “Crystal Christmas”, a steampunk story set in Cleveland, 1878? Spend enough time with characters and they feel like friends. I want their story to keep going.  “Crystal Christmas” is the next… Continue Reading →

Book Release and Book Deal

Just in time for the holidays, here’s a book release and book deal! I have a new short story releasing in a new anthology! Ohio Trail Mix is an anthology of five short stories, all inspired by literary sites found in Ohio. Ohio is full of literary connections. Libraries, museums, homes of authors, historical sites…. Continue Reading →

The Fandom Method of Worldbuilding

My friend author/editor Michelle L. Levigne is back to give advice on writing speculative fiction. Michelle has written books in almost every genre but her favorites are science fiction and fantasy. She writes about the fandom method of worldbuilding as a way for budding speculative fiction writers to learn the rules of the genre. Take… Continue Reading →

Could We? Should We? Part 1

So happy to have author/editor Michelle L. Levigne back to share about speculative fiction, one of the many genres she writes in. Take it away, Michelle, with “Could we? Should we? Part 1”! Sorry. That sounds a little like Dr. Seuss. Could we and should we what, exactly? At one time or another, a Christian… Continue Reading →

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